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10 Years NEBT

Since its inception in 2010 New English Ballet Theatre has established itself as an important hub on the UK dance scene for the  development and exposure of talented dancers and emerging choreographers. 2020 marked a significant milestone in NEBT’s life as the company celebrated its 10th anniversary. #NEBTTurnsTen

Choreographer Spotlights

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations we are also shining a light on some of the wonderful choreographers we have worked with over the years.

Spotlight: Jenna Lee

Jenna trained classically and danced professionally as a soloist with English National Ballet before transitioning to a successful career as freelance choreographer and founder of event company JLee Productions.

NEBT has followed her career, commissioning Jenna to produce two complete ballets, Classical Symphony in 2012, and the bold, stylish, contemporary The Four Seasons in 2017, danced to Max Richter’s dynamic recomposition of Vivaldi’s classic.

In this blog, Jenna writes about a career highlight during rehearsals.

Spotlight: Valentino Zucchetti

Royal Ballet First Soloist Valentio has developed into a regular collaborator with NEBT. His piece Orbital Motion was part of our 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons, and in 2016 he created Enticement’s Lure for Quint-essential 2016 and The Four Seasons and other works in 2017. Last year, he took part in our summer choreographic project in collaboration with the ROH.

We recently commissioned Valentino to create a short dance film, which continues his creative partnership with filmmaker Alice Pennefather.

Within a Glance is a vivid reflection of the times we are all living in at the moment: A chance encounter leads to a short moment of happiness, where it is still possible to dream, to fall in love, to touch …

Spotlight: Daniela Cardim

Daniela Cardim worked with New English Ballet Theatre from 2013 to 2019, initially in the administration and subsequently as a choreographer for the company.

During this period, she choreographed four pieces for NEBT: Tangents, which was part of our 2014 and 2015 seasons, Wundarra (for Ignition Dance Festival and Latitude Festival 2015), Vertex in 2016-17, and Two Husbands, a work in progress that was first shared in 2019.

In this short video, Daniela guides us on a journey trough her career, from Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam to the UK, from age 10 to the present day.