Philippa Newis – London Dance

“New English Ballet Theatre offers a unique platform for emerging dancers and choreographers to hone their craft and mature as performers in a professional setting. Watching the company for the first time, I’m sold on the vision and impressed with the breadth of creative opportunities that Artistic Director Karen Pilkington-Miksa is giving her young artists. It’s a project which looks set to go from strength to strength.”

Debroah Weiss – Dance Europe

“Wonderfully constructed, the sequences are circular, undulating, scintillating in construction and exceptionally well executed. Chloé Lopes Gomes and Ivan Delgado del Rio led the rest of the cats of four couples with such authority it was hard to believe they were not already established principals. She has a sensuous allure, an ability to make her back ‘speak’ as she moves from one beautiful shape to another. He is an accomplished dancer and partner who understands innately how to communicate with the audience. The central pas de deux was luscious, liquid, absolutely captivating. The third and final movement was a swirling mass of curves and shapes that expressed the music exactly.”

Charlotte Kasner – Critical Dance

“Toca by Erico Montes is a tantalising pas de deux set to Villa-Lobos. Perfectly suited to the sultry July night, it sizzled with passion only to be extinguished like a flame between pinched fingers. At one point Paul Oliver faces the audience and Arinana Marchiori stands by his side facing backwards. A simple device that they manage to make incredibly telling. It is epitomised by less is more and works like the best of appetisers to pique the interest.”

Vikki Jane Vile – London Theatre 1

“Another enjoyable but brief highlight was Wundarra, a unique duet featuring classical choreography to aboriginal music. Alexandra Cameron-Martin has an infectious grin throughout and the music is so rhythmical the choreography seems to fit in effortlessly. It would have been nice to see this piece extended and developed a little more. This was the kind of duet that makes dance accessible and exciting for all.”

Daniel Perks – A Younger Theatre

“This programme of work brings together showcase pieces of contemporary ballet in a variety of different styles and with different musical inspirations. In two hours the audience is exposed to the Russian romanticism of Mussorgsky, the Brazilian folk music of Heitor Villa-Lobos before rushing around the world to some traditional aboriginal compositions with the guttural tones of the didgeridoo. Each and every piece is intrinsically linked with the choreography and the movement of the dancers, with each step striving to reflect and imitate the emotion within the music itself.“


Daniel Perks – A Younger Theatre