Christina de Lucas – Bachtrack

“For its second season at the Peacock Theatre, NEBT has chosen a programme with five interesting works. With two of them performed to live music, admirably played by young gifted musicians, the pieces on the bill proved the founder of the company right. Daniela Cardim Fonteyne’s choreography for Tangents stresses the classic vocabulary in building graceful harmonious sequences that are dynamically combined in a rich variety of formations. The work was well performed with clear, fast, and clean movements.”

Judith Mackrell – Guardian

“Mad Women, Kristin McNally’s new work is funny, surprising and sharp in almost every detail…it elicits alert, intelligent performances from its cast. There’s so much to applaud about NEBT, a young company determined to present new choreography and to incorporate live music and original design.”

Charlotte Kasner – Critical Dance

“(In Kreutzer Sonata) Hayley Blackburn portrayed vividly the dilemmas and hopeless situation of the wife trapped in an unhappy marriage, torn between her children and husband and her liking for a violinist…the ballet has more than a hint of Onegin about it, in look and in the way McNichol tackles the narrative with clarity, the dance and drama melding as one. Barely a step is wasted in moving the story along. Also impressive is the way the choreography hints at a hidden and less pleasant side to the married couple’s relationship a long time before it bubbles into the open. The final fight between the couple was powerful and hard-hitting.”

Graham Watts – Londondance

“It is essential to give credit and support to everything that NEBT stands for: perseverance, passion and providing opportunity. These are qualities possessed in spades by the company’s redoubtable founder and director, Karen Pilkington-Miksa, a former dancer who spotted a gap for a company to provide opportunities for emerging dancers, designers and choreographers and set out – in 2010 – with a lot of help from patrons and sponsors. It has certainly grown from strength to strength since then. The programme was presented to high professional standards and made for an enjoyable evening. I hope that there will be many more to come from this outstanding and very worthwhile initiative.”