Elementor #4

About Us

New English Ballet Theatre is a modern ballet company presenting new works to the widest possible audience.
We are committed to the continual reinvention of classical ballet and giving artists the creative space to explore its boundaries.
We discover and nurture talented emerging classical dancers and work with established and new choreographers, musicians, designers and visual artists to produce innovative ballet that showcases the strength, athleticism and agility of the next generation of dancers.
There are currently not enough opportunities available to talented dancers and choreographers at the start of their careers for them to grow and develop in their professional lives. We give emerging dancers employment and experience in a professional ballet company which includes a development programme.
Our Professional Dancer Development Programme includes lectures on injury prevention, psychology for dance, career development, nutrition as well as master classes, top-level coaching, working with groundbreaking choreographers and learning new styles in a rigorous and supportive environment.
Nurturing talent and equipping our dancers with the skills and knowledge they need to work as a professional is at the heart of our mission.