Who we are:

We are a modern ballet company with a mission to present exciting new work to the widest possible audience. We are committed to the continual reinvention of classical ballet and giving artists the creative space to explore its boundaries. What makes us different is how we work with talented young people from a variety of disciplines. We have a company of exceptional dancers, but we also seek out choreographers, musicians, designers and visual artists. As a new company, we have the creative freedom to drive ballet forward, showcasing the strength, athleticism and agility of the next generation.

Why we do it:

We want to give the young people we work with paid employment in a profession they love and are dedicated to. After initial success, many dancers and choreographers find themselves lacking the support and opportunities they need to reach their full potential. We treat each member of our company as an individual and offer them a professional development programme. This programme includes lectures and classes on everything from how to avoid sustaining injuries to managing your diet and performing to live music. Nurturing talent and equipping our dancers with the skills and knowledge they need to work as a professional is at the heart of our mission.


Who inspires us:

We have bold ambitions as a company, drawing inspiration from the likes of Sergei Diaghilev and George Balanchine. A pioneer in every sense, Diaghilev founded the Ballet Russes, a company which brought together the best young Russian dancers of the day, including Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky. Determined to create groundbreaking work, Diaghilev also commissioned some of the most famous composers of the 20th century, from Stravinsky and Ravel to Strauss and Prokofiev. This spirit of collaboration also extended to artists and he worked with Picasso and Matisse among others.

We set out to emulate Diaghilev’s all-embracing approach to the creation of new work, building a company in the style of the Ballet Russes for the 21st century.

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