Judith Mackrell – Guardian

“…outstanding, too, is Kristen McNally’s Lonesome Gun, a raunchy, occasionally piercing cowboy – girl ballet that manages to flaunt every lasso-twirling, gun-toting cliche while evoking the lonely emotional landscape within. Dance is a crowded marketplace, and if NEBT has a future, as I hope it does, it will be in the cherry-picking of new and original work like this.”

Sarah Frater – The Stage

“Given the limited opportunities available to classical dancers, any new ballet company is good news. Debuting in 2012, New English Ballet Theatre’s aim is to stage new works with art-grade designs and live music – ably provided by the Westminster Festival Orchestra. Founded by the dancer and teacher Karen Pilkington-Miksa, it boasts an impressive team of teachers, advisers and patrons – not least Carlos Acosta, Darcey Bussell, Anya Sainsbury and Doreen Wells. Its first London’s season was staged at the Peacock Theatre, and the short run had many promising features. Foremost are the young dancers, whose commitment and focus are considerable. ”

“Another strong feature of the programme were the designs. The company has rightly avoided detailed props and sets, which are costly to commission and unwieldy to store. Instead it uses projections of art work, which are essentially colourful, mood-making backdrops that create effective context for the dancers without distracting from them. The costumes are also well chosen, with simple leotards in various styles and trim enhancing the dancers and hinting at mood and theme.”

Zoe Anderson – Independent

Legends, a new duet by Michael Corder, is the strongest on this programme. Chiaki Korematsu and Iván Delgado del Rio dance a fluent, pretty pas de deux.  Corner gives them flowing steps with individual touches…the performance is smooth and spontaneous with bright footwork from Korematsu.”

Liz Hoggard – Evening Standard

“Youth brings freshness; Rebecca Wilson’s Joy punks up Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with Kentish farmers in micro-denim shorts while choreographer Wayne Eagling’s Resolution (created for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy sufferers, many of whom don’t live beyond 30) is heartbreaking when performed by lithe twentysomethings.”

Graham Watts – DanceTabs.com

“With a couple of exceptions, the choreography was composed by the bright young things and all of it was broadly akin to seeing a promising choreographic workshop…Jenna Lee and George Williamson are prodigiously talented young dancemakers, coming from very different places in the neoclassical spectrum and there was an interesting mutuality in the pairing of their work…”

“This was a programme that delivered what Karen Pilkington-Miksa and her team set out to achieve for which she (and they) deserve our considerable applause. NEBT provides a stepping stone for young people to acquire the experience of participating in a professional show. Given the significant disparity between the number of graduates from our dance schools and the number of professional jobs available to them, any opportunity for paid work must be applauded.”